ADHD Nanny Features

  • Interactive Chore chart
  • Event Scheduler
  • Rewards for job well done
  • Immediate Consequences
  • Manage Allowance
  • Set Goals
  • Family Meeting Place
  • Homework/Task Timer
  • On-line Journal
  • Games
  • Personalized Environment
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Monitor Progress

What is ADHD Nanny?

Give Nanny 20 minutes and she’ll give you peace of mind.

ADHD Nanny is the premiere online resource for families with ADHD children. Here you can manage your entire family while specifically addressing the needs of your ADHD child. ADHD Nanny provides the tools you need to establish structure and consistency in a fun, nurturing format.

Nanny understands that your life can be hectic. Nanny can help. Want to get organized? Nanny's Schedulematic will get your day in order. Need reminders for little league, dance class, or PTA meetings? Nanny's here to remind you. Tired of nagging your children about chores? Nanny will remind them of their chores and reward them when chores are done. Need tips and strategies to make your life easier? Nanny has a magic carpet bag full of answers!

Nanny manages all of your family's needs in one place. No longer will you have 3 different day planners, various chore charts, or behavior charts that you can never find! Nanny has it all. All this can be done in 20 minutes a week. So relax, Nanny's here.

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